Spring Season Starts 30 July 2018!

World Cup warriors welcome! Team chants optional. The five-a-side format is a fast paced and dynamic version of the game. The team size, low bounce ball and modified rules are tailored for smaller pitches like Flagstaff Gardens and Docklands venues. There are men's, mixed and open competitions available.

New to the game?

There's one aim of the game - to score a goal (or many)! Each team aims to get the ball inside their goal without using your hands. The goalkeeper is the only player that can use their hands, but only within the penalty area of the field.


Teams have five (5) players/team members on the field at once. Teams cannot take to the field with any less than four (4) players, one of which must be a Goalkeeper (with the others as on-the-field players).


Men's team must include five male players.

Teams can have any combination of female and male players.

Teams are required to have at least one (1) female on the court at all times.


Our game includes two 12 minute halves, with a two minute half time break.

Games will run at 11:30am, 12:00pm, 12:30pm, 1:00pm and 1:30pm. Weekly times will be available on the below fixtures once registrations are finalised.


Each season runs for 14 weeks starting from the week commencing 30 July, plus finals. Once registrations are finalised. your weekly fixtures will be available under fixtures below.


Flagstaff Gardens: Thursday Mixed, Thursday Open
Docklands Sports Courts: Monday Open, Tuesday Men’s, Tuesday Twilight, Friday Mixed


Important information for players and spectators are contained in the following documents. Please read them carefully and contact the AMCS team if you have any questions

Soccer Rules
Player and Spectator Code of Conduct



309-311 William Street

West Melbourne VIC 3000

View Google Map of Flagstaff Gardens


80 Harbour Esplanade

Docklands VIC 3008

View Google Map of Docklands Sports Courts



Flagstaff Gardens is an approximate 180 metre walk from Flagstaff Railway Station. Exit the Railway Station on La Trobe Street and head up William Street and into the gardens.



A number of trams run to and from the gardens. We recommend looking at the one of the following:

No. 58 (West Coburg to Toorak) stop 8

No. 24 (La Trobe St City to North Balwyn) stop 3

No. 30 (Bourke Street & Harbour Esplanade to St. Vincents Plaza) stop 3



Time permitting, Flagstaff Gardens is also accessible by foot.

From the Docklands

From the Docklands, the gardens are approximately 1.3km. This walk should take 15-20 minutes. Starting on Harbour Esplanade, head north up the Esplanade and turn right onto La Trobe Street. Walk 1km along La Trobe Street until you get to Flagstaff Gardens. The courts are on the Williams Street side of the gardens.

From Flinders Street Railway Station

From Flinders Street Railway Station, the gardens are approximately 1.6km. This walk should take between 17-23 minutes. From the station head north up Elizabeth Street for 900 metres and turn left on to La Trobe Street. From here walk approximately 500 metres and you will arrive at the start of the gardens. The courts are approximately another 100 metres away on the Williams Street side.



The Docklands Sports Courts are an approximate 800 metre walk from Southern Cross Railway Station. This walk should take around five minutes.



A number of trams run to and from the Docklands. We recommend looking at one of the following:

No. 30 (Bourke St & Harbour Esplanade to St Vincents Plaza) stop D3

No. 70 (Wattle Park to Waterfront City Docklands) stop D3

No. 11 (West Preston to Victoria Harbour Docklands) stop D16

No. 31 (Hoddle St to Victoria Harbour Docklands) stop D16

No. 48 (North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands) stop D16



Time permitting, the Docklands Sports Courts are also accessible by foot.

From Flagstaff Railway Station

From Flagstaff Railway Station, the courts are an approximate 1.6km. This should take 15-20 minutes. Head west along La Trobe Street for 1km and turn left at Harbour Esplanade. Walk approximately 600 metres and the courts will be on your left.

From Flinders Street Railway Station

From Flinders Street Railway Station the courts are an approximate 1.8km walk. This should take you close to 20-25 minutes. Head west along Flinders Street, after 900 metres turn right on to Spencer Street. Walk 250 metres and turn left on to Collins Street. After 600 metres turn right on to Harbour Esplanade.



Your team will be required to wear matching coloured tops apart from the goal keeper who must wear a different colour to the rest of the team.

You can play in leggings, shorts, tracksuit pants - whatever is comfortable for you.

No pockets are allowed on your clothing for safety reasons.

Please wear suitable footware – bare feet and business shoes are not permitted


It’s highly recommended that players wear shin guards. If you need strapping tape, bring it along!


A First Aid qualified Venue Manager, qualified umpires, hydration, balls and bibs for all matches.

Team entries are available at $684 per team. No individual entries are available. Please note that payment is required in full upon registering your team.

One of your team members is required to register your team and make payment in full. After this, all other team members are invited to access the registration platform and join the team at no cost to the individual. Each team member is required to go through this process before your team registration is finalised.

One of your team members is required make a NEW TEAM REGISTRATION to register your team and make payment in full.

After this, all other team members will be invited to join the team using a team code and register via the ‘register a team member’ tab. These is no cost to the individual for joining a team via the team code.

Please ensure all team members have registered prior to round 1.

Register your team here

Register as a team member here

Fixtures will be released a week prior to the season commencing.

The fixtures for all Soccer competitions are available here

Please ensure you check fixtures regularly in the event of updates.

Results are automatically updated after each day’s play.

The results for all Soccer competitions are available here